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The DR has one of the highest rates of death in mothers in America
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Mar 15, 2017

The DR has 12,000,000 persons living in this beautiful island that we share with our neighbors Haiti. A big difference between our countries is that we , Dominicans have the part that is most prosperous, but still a médium income country.

The DR has one of the highest rates of death in mothers and babies in America . But our neighbors have the absolute higher chance of dying too fast, too soon. Their mother and baby mortality is the highest in all the Americas and because of many reasons that we all talk about ( political, corruption, idiosincrasy , religious etc ) that are not able to address and is not ours to resolve, we are left to help without a choice because of the closeness of our geography.

And we are doing so for many years with a sense of humanitarian duty and true compassion. The same we feel for our own Dominican mothers. We share everything , prenatal care, attendance at deliveries, newborn care, our laboratories, our blood , vaccines and medical resources . Also our surgical facilities with all our lack of supplies and old medical equipments.

And we never ask for any compensation. Never have and never will.
The DR has been historically doing this for decades ,including these heroic mothers that cross the border by foot sometimes very sick and bleeding and with their children to seek medical attention of whatever we have or face death if they stay in their poor village on the other side.

The mayority of deaths among mothers to be in these areas is bleeding and infections.
We are poorly prepared for this. At Barahona Jaime Mota Hospital the principal in the South West , we do not have a blood bank. We receive blood and store it , but because of our position and our large demand we could be able to supply the whole región including Haiti.

We are working to implement the microbiology laboratory and creating capacity to identify the bacterias that cause infections in mothers and children. It is very important to be able to detect and treat adequately the many infections mothers have before their babies are born to assure babies a healthy start in life.

We have a program of midwife and nursing education to all of the personell in this región.
Our request to you today is to help us establish a trust fund for the sustainability of our multiple programs:

Prenatal care, attendance at delivery, newborn care including resuscitation of the newborn at birth , well baby care and kangaroo mother care for premature babies.
Thank you for your interest in helping us.